Top Attractions in Williamsburg Virginia

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Made bountiful by the James River and the York River, this beautiful water country has many pleasures to offer the visiting tourist, the obvious ones being water and amusement parks. Your search for accommodations in Williamsburg VA would be for Busch gardens Virginia hotels, most hotels being located very close or in the vicinity of Busch gardens and Colonial Williamsburg. Frequently voted the world’s most beautiful theme park, it also bags awards in the categories of cleanest, best food etc. Exploring Busch gardens takes you through nine hamlets, same being reminiscent of nine European countries, featuring attractions like Escape from Pompeii, Curse of Dark Castle, Alpengeist, Apollo’s Chariot and Big Bad Wolf among others.

The Howl-O-Scream recreates the spirit of Halloween during November. However, while choosing from among the hotels by water country, one must also factor in Colonial Williamsburg which was the seat of American revolutionary history. Visiting Colonial Williamsburg Virginia is your simple substitute for a time machine that carries you back to the 18th century. And we are not just talking of a static atmosphere here. Within the 301 acres of dedicated property throbs the pulse of a long gone era, where enactors relive the lives as it used to be, an ambience that is also visible in any of the hotels by water country USA. Beating of the drums, the practice of old crafts and historic trades in a setting that is reminiscent of America’s historic past has been made a reality, preserving the authenticity of this former capital of Virginia.


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